Resign ups that do not again receive confirmations etc

Hi felllow #webinerds!

Lately I am running into the issue that people are signing up again for a webinar that they previously already signed up for and thus are connected to the event. This means that they do not receive a confirmation email again… But they also don’t have the initial email again.

Did others also have this issue and how did you solve this?

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@sanne question on this one! Are your emails coming out of your Marketing automation tool (Marketo) or out of Elite?

Good one @miranda they are coming from On24… or at least we have this issue with the webinars where we send the emails via ON24.

@sanne thank you, that helps narrow it down for us! I’ve asked your CSM to reach out to get to the bottom of this for you! Not sure if this is helpful but here’s a knowledge center article that could be helpful in the meantime -

Thanks for sharing @miranda but this is not what I was looking for :frowning: We have set up all those emails, it’s more that when somebody that has signed up on the past and wants to sign up again they don’t receive for instance the confirmation email anymore (because they are already connected to the event)